Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

While the celebration of Christmas has as one of its highlights gift giving to friends and family, the thought that goes into purchasing or making the gift is more important than the amount the gift cost. Christmas is a celebration of goodwill and kindness and as such our gifts should reflect our appreciation of our friends and family. Hence, one can give a very thoughtful inexpensive gift that far outweighs the pleasure of spending large amounts of money to buy an impressive gift. A thoughtful gift is always welcome. It is priceless.

These gifts could be:

  • books covering subjects that are of interest to the person
  • music in tapes or record form of artists that the person loves
  • small kitchen gadgets if the person likes cooking
  • family games, chess, backgammon, etc,
  • game CDs for the computer
  • framed or unframed artwork
  • figurines, statues, vases
  • personal gifts such as a pair of earrings, costume jewellery, etc
  • calendars, diaries, beautiful prints
  • photo albums
  • scented candles
  • a few rolls of film for the budding photographer
  • a basket of Jams and jellies with cookies
  • a basket of assorted teas and coffees