Christmas Gifts For A Wife

A special Christmas gift to the one person that is an extension of yourself. Whose first and foremost thought and interest is to see you happy and content. Who with her presence and understanding can smooth away all your worries and with a smile make you feel you are on top of the world. You feel stronger just because she is there with you, and will be by your side whenever you need her. She is soft yet strong and understanding. She shares with you all your responsibilities and decisions. She may not always agree with you but in her eyes you are her hero. For that special person who is always there for you, a special gift.

Gold Jewellery: A ring with precious stones, a bracelet, a necklace, a gold watch for special occasions.

Perfume: A big bottle of the perfume she likes or several medium sized perfumes that you would want her to try and then wear.

Clothing: A silk nightgown, a beautiful housecoat, a luxurious terry bathrobe. A leather coat, an outfit, a silk outfit, an evening gown, etc.

Accessories: A leather handbag, a pair of leather gloves, silk scarves, etc..

Other: A day visit to a beauty spa.

A gift for both husband and wife would be an extended weekend vacation for the couple at a resort or spa.