Christmas Gifts For The Kids

For Boys: Toys that are suited to the age of the child and are action oriented to keep him interested, be educational and yet fun. Different cars, trucks, trains, helicopters, etc.. Also building race tracks and using the cars on it. Building farms with animals, opening up gas stations by setting up the different components, running stores, playing doctor, etc..
For Girls: One cannot go wrong with dolls. Other toys should be educational and interesting taking into account the interests of the child.

Both groups would enjoy family games that involve their attention.

Books, particularly the educational kind, with emphasis on pictures and movement. For example a book on how the body functions should show the muscles, the bones, the internal organs, and can demonstrate all by having each of the topics on a different layer. Thus the last page is the skeleton, on top of the skeleton are the muscles followed by the internal organs, etc.

Drawing is one of the fun elements of being a child. So lots of crayons, colouring pencils, water and oil colours together with drawing books could develop a budding artist.