Christmas Gifts For A Husband

A special Christmas Gift for that wonderful man, your husband. When you met him you felt and knew that this was the man you wanted to share the rest of your life with. You knew his strength and love were unique and you wanted to be with him forever. He was not one of many words, but the few he uttered, made you a Queen conquering the world and sitting on top of it. All you have to do is look in his eyes to know that you have made the best choice, that without him, life would not offer the same pleasures and excitement. In his presence everyday humdrum events turn into excitement and fun and you know that your life’s journey would not be as fulfilling without his presence at your side. For that special man, your husband, a special gift.

Jewellery: A watch. Any other jewellery depends on the person’s taste.

Cologne: An aftershave and cologne of his taste.

Clothing: A tweed jacket. A leather jacket or a leather car coat. Nice shirts of the best linen or cotton, thick wooly sweaters. Designer Jeans.

Other: A camera or a camcorder. A tool he has been thinking of buying. An electric shaver. A comfortable leather armchair like a Lazy boy. CDs for his computer games or music, Films for entertainment. A DVD.

A mini vacation that he would enjoy.