Christmas Gift For Mom

A special gift to that wonderful lady who has looked after you since you were born; has been there to see your every little step, laughed with you, consoled you, supported you in times of self doubt and in whose eyes you are the most beautiful being who can do no harm. Here are some gift ideas in a vast range of prices for that special lady:

Gold Jewellery: An elegant brooch, a pair of gold earrings with precious or semi precious stones, a gold ring, a gold necklace, etc.

Designer Costume Jewellery: A pair of earrings with matching brooch, a necklace, a bracelet, etc.

Fragrance: A bottle of her favourite perfume or eau de perfume or a gift box which has a small bottle of perfume, an eau de toilette, a cream, powder and soap. Bath salts and aromatherapy.

Clothing: An outfit, a silk blouse, an embroidered or sequined evening jacket, a cashmere shawl,

Accessories: An evening bag, a leather handbag, a belt, a silk scarf, etc.

The Christmas gift can also take the form of memorabilia. A record of a song or music that has special meaning for her, a book by a writer she is fond of, a painting of a place she has visited and loved, an antique if she likes collecting, etc.