Christmas Gift For Dad

A special Christmas gift for Dad, that special gentleman, who was so proud when you were born. Who answered all your questions and found time, tired as he was coming home from work, to put everything aside and sit with you while you were doing your homework. Dad who was at all the ball games, who shared all your small victories and all your pains, was so protective of you and thought his children were the best. Dad who sat beaming at your High School graduation and who diligently had saved for your University tuition. Dad who taught you to be honest with yourself and others. Dad who asked you to excel, not competing with others but doing the best you can. Dad, the person who together with your mother instilled in you the values they cherished, he deserves a special gift at Christmas to say Thank you for all the care and attention he gave.

Clothing: A leather jacket, a sweater, a pair of pyjamas, a housecoat, etc,

Accessories: A pair of leather gloves, a beautiful leather belt, a pair of leather slippers, a leather wallet, a watch, etc.

Fragrances: His favourite after shave and cologne.

Other: Golf clubs for a golf lover, a stay at a golf club resort for a weekend, a camera, a camcorder, a manicure set, toy gadgets for the desk at the office or home, a family oriented game or a game of chess, backgammon, or monopoly. Game CDs for his computer and DVD films he likes.